Mechanical Square Pine Straw Baler (Patent Pending)

our pine straw baler


EHE Pinestraw Baler

Mechanized in-line pine straw square baler. Manufactured in the USA by Esch Hay Equipment specifically for baling pine straw, this in-line baler is designed for use behind farm tractors of 30-60 hp between rows of pine. 

The baler picks straw directly from the ground. Bales are tied  "on-the-fly" automatically, not requring input from tractor operator.  Bales of pine needles are made at the rate of up to 8 per minute. 

 Bale size is 10 x 13 inches with adjustable length to suit specific markets. 

Click Here to watch a video of the Pinestraw Baler.

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Local Trade-in

We have a local one-owner baler that was used by  a skilled operator.  This unit is serviced and ready to go to the field!

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pine straw baler facts



The Esch baler is designed for a specific purpose; providing a quality square pine straw bale

Fact #3

The baler is built in the USA.  The Esch business contains 3 generations of square baler expertise in; modifications, design, and maintenance.  Componests of the baler are easily accesible and parts easily  acquired

Fact #6

The ESCH baler was designed robust  to withstand  in-woods forestry operation.  It will operate in rows of planted pine as narrow as 8 feet

Fact #2

Production from this baler is 300+ bales per hour! 

Fact #5

The baler was designed to gently bale pine needles minimizing breakage of individual needles

Fact #7

Labor cost per bale is GREATLY reduced!!!